Drivers, Licences & Insurance

Drivers (All drivers must be present at pick up of campervan.)

Wanderings is covered under AXA Insurance.

The nightly hire rate covers all drivers insured on the campervan, therefore you will not be charged for additional drivers.

 No-one other than you and or any other driver named on the rental agreement may drive the campervan. Drivers must be between 25 and under 70 years of age  and  have held a  full  driving  license  for  at least two years. Each driver must provide the following documentation:

1) Up to date driving license.

2) Proof  of  current  address  ie utility bill.

Failure to provide adequate documentation will render the hire cancelled resulting in loss of monies paid (See Cancellation). Any endorsements in the last 3 years may incur an additional insurance premium charge. The  hirer  must  insure  that  all passengers must wear seatbelt provided. It is the drivers reasonability to obey the rules of the road.

Any violation  of  the  road traffic act will result in immediate termination of the rental agreement. Should Owner receive, speeding or parking fines, charges or other penalty notices relating to the period of hire, an administration fee of €30 will be added  to  the  charge.

Any fines/Penalty points given must be paid by the driver including tolls.


What are the driver requirements?

All drivers must be between the ages of 25 – 70 inclusive.

European drivers must have a full licence for a minimum of 2 years. EEA Licences must be held for a minimum of 5 years. US & Canadian licences must be held for a minimum of 8 years. No novice drivers please.

Any penalty points, driving convictions or accidents must be disclosed at the time of booking. Dates and descriptions or codes for all convictions must be provided.

If you are over the age of 70 years, please contact us prior to booking a medical certificate is required.


Do I have to pay for more than one driver?

No, all covered drivers are included in the hire fee. Once we have the correct documentation requested upon booking.


Do I need a special licence to drive a Wanderings vehicle?

All our vehicles can be driven on a standard full car drivers license (B License). International drivers will require an International driver’s license if the license issued by their country of residence is not in English.


Can we pay a CDW or reduce the insurance excess?

Our insurance policy does not allow for a reduction of the excess or a CDW. Alternatively, your credit card company may offer travel insurance that would cover the insurance excess.


When should I confirm driver details?

All drivers must be confirmed no later than 6 weeks in advance of hire. If your booking is made within 6 weeks of hire then all driver details must be furnished at the time of booking.


What supporting documents are required?

Full instructions about the required supporting documentation will be emailed to you when you make a booking.

A completed booking form is required at the time of booking.

The driver documents listed in the checklist below are required 6 weeks in advance of hire or immediately if booking is made within 6 weeks of hire.

Documents can be scanned & emailed, photocopied & posted, or photographed with a smart phone / tablet & emailed. Documents must be legible.


Driver Document Checklist:

  • Copy of Drivers Licence – front & back (for UK licences a check-code is also required for validation).
  • Copy of a recently dated Statement OR Utility Bill for confirmation of address.
  • If the address on your licence does not match your current residential address then a second recently dated Statement OR Utility Bill is also required for confirmation of address.
  • All non UK and Irish drivers must also provide:
    Copy of Passport or a Copy of National Identity Card. This is required in addition to your licence and confirmation of address document.


* For UK licence holders please visit this site to generate a “Check Code” in order to share your driving record with Wanderings. The ‘check code’ will be valid for 21 days. In order for the DVNLI to release the relevant information the driver must contact the DVLNI to give his/her permission for Wanderings to access their information. The DVNLI contact info is here:


Can we insure a driver after we have collected the camper van?

No late additions to the insurance can be created as all documents must be collated and checked in advance.


Can I use or transfer my own insurance?

Wanderings rental agreement comprises fully comprehensive self-drive hire insurance through AXA Insurance. Wanderings cannot accept the use of any other insurance cover for our vehicles. It is not possible to transfer or use your own car insurance even if you have a motor trader policy. A Wanderings vehicle may only be driven by the hirer and/or additional drivers who have been disclosed, named and agreed by Wanderings during the booking process.


Do you accept international drivers licences?

We do not accept International Drivers Licences. We ask that you present a valid national driving licence issued in your country of permanent residence.


European Travel

Can we travel to the UK or Europe?

Wanderings are covered for travel within the 32 counties of Ireland and Northern Ireland only. The van cannot be taken across the water to the UK or Europe under any circumstance.